The price for patriotism: Navy SEAL Brandon Webb clears up Rob O’Neill rumors on Wilkow

Navy SEAL Brandon Webb recently sat down with Andrew Wilkow on SiriusXM Patriot to clear up some controversy. Ex-SEAL Rob O’Neill recently identified himself as the shooter who killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011. His decision to go public with his story has both the account itself and his right to share it under scrutiny, especially by members of the SEAL community like Webb.

Matt Bissonnette, the author of the memoir No Easy Day, also publicized his involvement in this mission and received similar backlash in 2012. An author of multiple New York Times Bestsellers involving his own role as a Navy SEAL, Webb told Wilkow that O’Neill did not kill bin Laden. Webb also spoke out about O’Neill’s method and motivation for going public with his (alleged) shot heard ’round the world.

“It’s being seen in the community as two guys who are embellishing to take the spotlight and personally profit on this,” Webb said. “You cannot break the law in the process. That’s the big thing. I think it’s pretty clear when the Secretary of Defense says, ‘You broke your oath, your non-disclosure, and we’re going after you’ that you crossed a line … The story? I have no problem with Rob O’Neill or Matt Bissonnette. They want to tell their story? Have at it. But just play by the rules.”

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