Raymond Floyd is one of golf’s all-time greats, a 22-time champion on the PGA TOUR and four-time major champion, winning the Masters in 1976, PGA Championship in 1969 and 1982, and the U.S. Open in 1986.

This week on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio, Floyd’s son, Raymond Floyd Jr., remembered the time he almost beat his dad in a round of golf.

“The first time I really had a chance, I was leading at the turn. We were playing our course where we grew up in Miami, Indian Creek, and I shot three-under on the turn,” Floyd Jr. recalled. “So we went to the back-nine, and got on the tee, and I asked my dad how many shots he wanted … He says, ‘Son, it’s always best to let a sleeping dog rest.’ He proceeded to birdie 10, 11, 12, as did I. So I was kind of looking at him with a little glare in my eyes, because he just brought it, and I’m still three up.”

Don’t glare at a four-time major champion.

“He proceeded to birdie 13, 14, 15, and I bogeyed 15,” Floyd Jr. said. “We both had eagle putts on 18, and I was just outside of him, and I missed. He rolled his up and left it on the lip, short, about an inch. He shot a 29 to my 33 and beat me, 65 to 66. He looked right through me. It was the first time I saw that glare on the golf course. I’d seen it 1,000 times in the house when I was rough-housing with my brother or picking on my sister, but I’d never seen it on the golf course.

“It was pretty neat,” Floyd Jr. added. “He never let us win, and you don’t often tell stories in defeat, but that’s one I’ll tell for the rest of my life.”

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