The MOMS with Denise & Melissa hits SiriusXM Stars

Airing Mondays at 11 am ET on SiriusXM Stars, Ch. 106

We’ve got breaking news, and it’s mama-rrific! SiriusXM has just added a new show to their SiriusXM Stars lineup: The MOMS with Denise & Melissa. Originally a six-show special earlier this year, The MOMS resonated so much with SiriusXM listeners, that the two are back with their very own slot on the SiriusXM airwaves!

The MOMS is basically tailor made for all you fab mamas out there, providing tested-and-true tips on parenting and insightful methods of balancing your life (relationship-wise, health-wise or otherwise).

So who are the MOMS? Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein will be your reliable co-hosts of the hour-long show.  This dynamic duo have an extensive background in all things mama focused: they are the founders of; creators of the nation-wide Mamarazzi® event; co-founders of Strut, the Fashionable Mom Show; regular contributors to The Huffington Post Parents, Huffington Post Divorce and are even involved in non-profits like UNICEF.

With such an in-depth background in parenting, the new weekly show will cover topics that matter most to parents today. Albert and Musen Gerstein will discuss everything from how to communicate effectively with your little ones, tough-situations like bullying, and divorce, to different parenting styles and even how to get that extra push to help your kids (and you!) succeed. On top of that the weekly show will feature parenting-focused celeb interviews, listener call-ins and the popular segments Mamarazzi®, Mommentary and The MOMS’ Mom of the Week with the winner being nominated and selected from her friends and peers.

“Having ‘The MOMS’ as a new weekly radio show allows us to connect with a larger audience across the country. There is tremendous gratification connecting with callers on the spot and sharing stories and advice. As parents, we all know there is no ‘Mom Manual,’ so we need to learn from each other,” said Musen Gerstein and Albert.

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Be sure to catch The MOMs Mondays at 11 am ET on SiriusXM Stars. Or tune in on your own time, On Demand.

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