Soccer certainly has a loyal following in the United States, an audience that continues to grow as the world’s most popular game gets more exposure nationwide. And the World Cup is something special; the quadrennial tournament featuring 32 nations often draws in even the casual sports fan who might otherwise not follow the beautiful game.

But how is the casual fan to know the identity and style of the bigger teams on the world stage? Simple. Compare them to America’s Pastime!

Thursday on MLB Network Radio‘s Power Alley with Mike Ferrin and Jim Duquette, TSN soccer analyst Kristian Jack broke down the big name teams and players, and assigned them MLB counterparts. Click the country names to see who Jack picked as the corresponding MLB team.








Check out the clip below to find out why these teams match-up as they do, with bonus extras like what Mario Balotelli and Yasiel Puig have in common, and who’s the Mike Trout of the World Cup.

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