The Howard Stern Birthday Bash video will be online for FREE starting 6/23

Howard teased the news a few weeks ago, and Wednesday on The Howard Stern Show, he made it official:

Video of the Howard Stern Birthday Bash will be streaming for free on and starting at 6 am ET on Monday, June 23.

“We will put up the Birthday Bash video on the Internet for free, which will be on or, wherever you prefer to watch it on,” Howard said. “You’ll see the whole thing, and it’s a great little page we’ve designed where you can also, if you have people you want to see, specific parts of the birthday show, you can do that as well. It’s really nice.”

(We’ve seen a demo, and the chaptered sections will make for a kick-ass experience.)

I’ve seen it five times already, and it really is just chock-full of great performances. And the way I suggest you view it is watch the whole thing, if you can, and then go back and pull out your favorite moments and watch them.

How long will the video be available? Well, if you didn’t have plans for the 4th of July before, you do now.

“We’ll leave it up through July, so you have a whole bunch of time to watch it,” Howard said.

Now, we know 12 days is a long time to wait for the video. So in the meantime, look back at the 20 reasons we’re most excited to watch the Birthday Bash video, including this gem:

Louis CK

Louis CK at the Birthday Bash.

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