LeBron James or Michael Jordan?” It’s a debate we’ll hear for years to come, and likely one we’ll never settle. It’s hard to argue against Jordan’s six championships with the Chicago Bulls from 1991-93 and ’96-98, but James carrying his team to the NBA Finals through dominant postseason play in five consecutive seasons, and winning it twice, isn’t anything to scoff at either. So who is the greater player? Former NBA All-Star Jamal Mashburn argued in favor of MJ on SiriusXM NBA Radio’s Above the Rim.

“What puts Michael Jordan ahead of LeBron, for me, is Michael Jordan was able to do it and still score 25, 40 points per game when he was 40 years old,” Mashburn said. “I’m waiting to see how LeBron looks when he doesn’t have the athleticism, what type of player he is, because that will give me a great sense of how high his basketball IQ is.”

Sportscaster Marv Albert made a case for James to Adam Schein on SiriusXM’s Schein on Sports.

“If [Jordan] were with this Cavalier team, I really think he would be doing almost the same but not quite in some departments,” Albert said. “It’s hard to judge Jordan because in the years he won the championship, he had such an excellent supporting cast.”

Albert made his final verdict.

“It’s difficult, but I’m beginning to lead towards LeBron.”

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