The Director’s Cut: Stars, staff reflect on Howard Stern Birthday Bash

You listened to the Howard Stern Birthday Bash live, then you listened On Demand, then you watched it. Now, just in time for the holidays, it’s time for the director’s cut.

Premiering Friday 12/19 at 5 pm ET on Howard 100, a unique broadcast of the Howard Stern Birthday Bash will feature commentary and behind-the-scenes stories from many of the celebrities who were in attendance that evening, including Jimmy Kimmel, Tracy Morgan, Sarah Silverman, Whitney Cummings, Jewel, Tan Mom (of course) and many more.

Want more? Friday’s broadcast will feature a special, comprehensive prologue segment. When and how was the idea of the Birthday Bash conceived? What happened during dress rehearsal? How were Tan Mom’s red-carpet antics dealt with? And why was the start of the event nearly delayed? All of those questions will be answered during the special.

Of course, it’s no secret there was a party after the bash, too. Take a trip inside the downtown Manhattan after-party that capped off the night during the special.

Can’t wait a week for the airing? We’ve got 25 director’s cut commentary clips from the stars and staff that made the Bash possible. Have a listen, then scroll down for photos from the evening and a look at our original coverage of the event of the year.

Photos from the Bash

Look back: Our original coverage

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