The Dean Obeidallah Show: Why don’t we care that our government is intentionally killing US citizens with drone strikes?

NBC foreign correspondent Ayman Moyhadeen was on The Dean Obeidallah Show last weekend to talk the drone strike in Pakistan that the Obama administration revealed took the lives of an American and Italian hostage. While the killing of these two was a mistake, the Obama administration also disclosed that they had intentionally killed two US citizens with drone strikes, Adam Gadahn (who was born and raised in California) and Ahmed Farouq. Does it concern you that US government executes American citizens without a trial? If we don’t object to this now, is there any doubt that the government will use drones on US soil to kill Americans in the future they deem to be “ticking time bombs”? We discussed that and more.

What can Muslims do to defeat ISIS? Congressman Keith Ellison, one of the two Muslim members of Congress, joined me this week to discuss countering ISIS’ recruitment pitch. This is a very real issue for Rep. Ellison, as six young Muslim Americans who live in his congressional district were arrested last week on charges of wanting to support and join ISIS. As Rep. Ellison noted, ISIS is targeting young Muslims in America in an effort to join and the Muslim American community needs to play a role in educating Muslims to not fall prey to ISIS’s sales pitch.

Dave Chappelle is a Muslim? Comedian Mo Amer called in from his tour with Dave Chappelle. This may be a surprise for some: Chappelle is also Muslim! Amer is prepping for his one hour comedy TV taping taking place May 3 in Washington DC at the famed Warner Theater.  And before that, Amer will in NYC performing (with me and other Brown comedians) in The Big Brown Comedy Hour on April 30.

Did you know that Islam first came to America with the slaves? That and more in the compelling new play opening next week in New York City “Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity” This play is based on interviews with young Muslim Americans about growing up in post 9/11 America. One of the play’s actors Maha Syed joined as did co-writer Sara Zatz who noted that being Jewish she saw parallels with Islamophobia and her own communities fight against Anti-Semitism.

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