The Dean Obeidallah Show: When hate comes to your town

How would you feel if hundreds of angry and armed people showed up outside your church or synagogue screaming horrible things about you and your faith? Well, that is exactly what the Phoenix Muslim community went through on Friday night. The head of the mosque, Usama Shami, joined my show the morning after the protest to share the nerve-wracking experience. As Shami explained, the anti-Muslim protesters outside the mosque featured skinheads and people wearing shirts with Nazi imagery yelling for Muslims to go back to their country and far worse. I asked Shami, how do you explain to your children why people are yelling horrible things about their faith? But there was a silver lining to the hate rally, as I noted in my CNN Opinion article, as hundreds of people of different faiths came out Friday night and stood outside the mosque with the Muslims. And online, there was great support for the Muslim community. The “good people,” as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called them, were no longer being silent. You can hear Shami speak about what he saw when he walked out of the mosque Friday night and saw the armed and angry mob in the street:

Comedian Andy Kindler: David Letterman is better than Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon. Kindler, who appeared on Late Show numerous times and can be seen as a reoccurring character on IFC’s “Maron,” doesn’t mince words when it comes to comedy. Letterman was subversive and keeps it real in contrast to Leno and Fallon. Here is some of Kindler doing what he does best:

If you are Muslim, Fox News is a tough room to play. Writer Haroon Moghul was back on the show talking about his experience on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly last week with anti-Muslim activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. As opposed to his appearance on Fox News, I actually let Moghul answer the questions I asked without constantly interrupting him. If Kelly had let Moghul talk, maybe she would have actually learned something about Islam. But to be honest, I truly don’t think Kelly cares about learning any facts about Muslims. Check out Moghul talking the idea of “reforming” Islam here:

ISIS wins no matter what happens next. The Daily Beast’s Michael Weiss joined me to discuss his best selling book, “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror” and his latest Daily Beast article on ISIS. In Weiss’ view, a massive attack by American forces and our allies could very well be playing right into ISIS’s hands.

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