The Dean Obeidallah Show: The San Bernardino terror attack

Everybody wants answers to the questions surrounding the San Bernardino shooting. As of Friday afternoon the FBI has officially labeled the shooting as an act of terrorism. However, they have not divulged the details for that determination yet. And while there’s no direct connection to ISIS, the FBI believes the husband and wife killers were self-radicalized and possibly inspired by ISIS.

On my LIVE show Saturday morning we will try to make sense of the shooting and explore ways to prevent other such terror attacks. I’ll be joined by New York City based Imam Shamsi Ali to answer questions people may have about Muslims. We welcome any question you might have- judgment free. Plus, Imam Ali will discuss his efforts to counter ISIS’s recruitment efforts.

Also I’ll be joined by Seamus Hughes, the Deputy Director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. This week a report he co-authored about ISIS’s recruitment of Americans was released. We will discuss if the husband and wife shooters fit the profile of a typical ISIS recruit. We will also delve into the sales pitch of ISIS: Is it focused on Islam? Is it more about come join ISIS to make something of your life? Is it a combo or something else?

Edina Lekovic from the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) will be back on the show. Edina is from California and will share with us information on the Muslim community in the area where the San Bernardino shooters are from. Plus she will answer any questions people have about Muslims or Islam.

The phone lines will be open all show to answer questions at 877-974-7487. As always, my show is judgment free so if you have a theory on the shooting or a question about Muslims, please give us a call and join the conversation. I want to hear from you.

My show airs live every Saturday at 10am to noon ET on SiriusXM Insight (Ch 121) and repeats several times over the weekend. It is also available On Demand. Hope you check it out and better yet give us a call during the show to “Ask a Muslim” a question, discuss issues of the week or even be contestant on our weekly segment “Name That Religion.” And as always, I want to be your Muslim friend – so if you don’t have one follow me on Twitter at @deanofcomedy and I’ll follow you back or ask me questions at

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