The Dean Obeidallah Show: Muslims being funny?!

Generally we see three types of Muslims in the US media: ISIS, Al Qaeda and under arrest. But there are actually many funny Muslim comedians. In fact close to 20 will be coming to New York City this week (likely followed by the FBI and NSA) for the Muslim Funny Fest. This is the first ever Muslim stand up comedy festival in US history and will be held July 21-23, 2015. Comedian and festival co-producer Maysoon Zayid and comedian Preacher Moss joined the show Saturday to talk this historic festival. (Full Disclosure: I’m the co-producer of the festival and will be performing in it as well.) If you live in New York City, hope you come out to the show because as the comedians will tell you, the show is funny for everyone, not just Muslims. Here is the festival trailer. 

On my most recent show:

Chattanooga and Charleston have one thing in common: Gun violence. Shannon Watts from Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America gave me a pep talk on why we can actually reduce the over ten thousand Americans killed by gun violence each year. I needed that pep talk because it seems that we have shooting after shooting but we don’t see a change in our laws to address it. Instead political correctness or fear of political fall out for some politicians causes them to be silent as we see Americans killed at the rate of more than 30 each day by gun violence. Watts offered some concrete approaches to save lives:

Muslims leading fight to counter radicalization. Imam Abdullah Antepli of Duke University was on the show to talk his work countering the efforts of ISIS to radicalize Muslim Americans online. Most aren’t aware that Muslim Americans are leading the fight to counter radicalization efforts of ISIS. Not only do we want to prevent innocent people being killed, we especially want to prevent them from killing people in the name of our religion. Imam Antepli describes his work:

Iran Deal: NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin was on to talk the Iran deal. While 150-page deal is complex, Ayman broke it down to highlight the good and bad of the deal. One big point to take away is that even if the US Congress rejects the deal, it is expected that the European Union, China and Russia will lift their respective sanctions on Iran.

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