The Dean Obeidallah Show: Muslim zombies are coming to Texas!

Imam Khalil Abdur-Rashid was on my show last Saturday to discuss the proposed cemetery that the Muslim community in the Farmersville, Texas area wants to build. You would think that would be no big deal, but think again. Many in Farmersville are freaking out! Some claimed the cemetery is part of a Muslim plot to take over America. Apparently Muslims will rise from the dead like zombies and impose Islamic law. Rashid, who is one of the leaders of the Muslim community in the area, shared the horrible words some opponents spewed. He also shared the beautiful outpouring of support from Jews and Christians in support of the local Muslim community. Here’s Imam Rashid talking the threat of Muslim zombies:


I’m not a terrorist but I play one on TV! Comedian Maz Jobrani talked about his latest stand up special premiering on Showtime this Friday at 10:00PM: “I’m not a terrorist but I play one on TV!” Jobrani is constantly touring not only the United States but also the Middle East. Maz talks about his fear of being confused for a terrorist:


Black Lives should matter to all Americans. MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson joined me to discuss this movement and its importance to the African American community. Dr. Dyson also didn’t pull any punches discussing why he feels the Democratic party has taken African American voters for granted. Listen to him explain why we should be saying “Black Lives Matter,” not “All Lives Matter:”


A new progressive Muslim school. Imam Daayiee Abdullah returned to my show to discuss his new initiative: The Mecca Institute. The goal of this new online school, which is open to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, is to teach people about a more expansive, contemporary and inclusive interpretation of Islamic texts. The goal is to educate as well as to counter extremist interpretations of the Quran. Here is Imam Abdullah explaining the reason this school is needed:


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