The Dean Obeidallah Show: Merry Muslim Christmas and more!

Christmas is less than a week away and many Muslims are looking forward to it! Are Muslim trying to steal Christmas?! Nope. What some may be unaware of is that Jesus is an important part of Islam, as is the Virgin Mary. As I noted in article I wrote for The Daily Beast, many Muslim-Americans, including myself, celebrate Christmas.

Imam Daayiee Abdullah will be on my LIVE show Saturday morning to explain why Jesus is extremely important to Muslims worldwide and is an integral part of Islam. The Washington D.C. based Imam will also answer questions for our Ask a Muslim segment.

Muslims nations form 34 state coalition to fight ISIS: Many say Muslims and Arab nations are not doing enough to fight ISSI but Jordan’s ambassador to the United States Dina Kawar will join me to share details of how these nations are actually battling ISIS on a daily basis but the US media is ignoring it.  Ambassador Kawar, who represents Jordan as one of the 15 nations on the UN Security Council, will also share how Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East really view ISIS.

Trump talks to a real live Muslim!  Ali Velshi, host of Al Jazeera America’s Ali Velshi on Target, interviewed Donald Trump minutes after Tuesday’s GOP debate and asked him about his proposed ban on Muslims. Find out what Trump said when a real life Muslim confronted him on his ban.  We will also discuss the alarming spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes in the last two weeks.

Hope you not only tune in to my LIVE show, but join the conversation at 877-974-7487. I want to hear what you think about these issues, plus join us for our weekly “Ask A Muslim” a question segment.

Also I want to wish everyone who is celebrating a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2016!

My show airs live every Saturday at 10 am to noon ET on SiriusXM Insight (Ch 121) and repeats several times over the weekend. It is also available On Demand. Hope you check it out and better yet give us a call during the show to “Ask a Muslim” a question, discuss issues of the week or even be contestant on our weekly segment “Name That Religion.” And as always, I want to be your Muslim friend – so if you don’t have one follow me on Twitter at @deanofcomedy and I’ll follow you back or ask me questions at

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