The Dean Obeidallah Show: How cool would it be to have a Muslim president of the US?

Last week, GOP presidential candidate  Ben Carson said that a Muslim should not be president of the United States, while Donald Trump said some think we already have one. But no, President Obama is not a Muslim despite recent polls finding that over 50 percent of Republicans believe he is. But here’s my vision (okay, my comedic vision) of what a Muslim president would be like for America:


Yes, Islam is compatible with the US Constitution. As most know, the GOP’s Ben Carson claimed many times over last week that Islam is incompatible with the US Constitution. (And he was rewarded for these comments with over a million dollars in donations from conservatives, per the Carson campaign.) On my show Saturday, we took Carson’s assertion head on with Imam Abdullah Antepli from Duke University’s Divinity School and Zainab Chaudry, head of the Baltimore chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations. As Chaudry explains here, Carson is very wrong. She noted that Islam and the US Constitution actually go great together and that Islamic law (sharia) is not coming to the US despite what some on the right may claim:


Is the 2016 Republican presidential campaign the most bigoted in modern day political history? NBC contributor and USA Today columnist Raul Reyes and former Bush administration official and Republican strategist Suhail Khan joined me to discuss this topic. Here is what Reyes had to say on alarmingly bigoted rhetoric of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush and what it signifies for America:


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