The Dean Obeidallah Show: Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi wages a comedy jihad!

Watch out America: The Daily Show’s senior Muslim correspondent is launching a jihad! But this is one jihad that I, and I bet most people would support. Mandvi is using comedy to counter anti-Muslim bigotry. Mandvi came on my show Saturday to discuss the new comedic web series he co-created titled, “Halal in the Family.” The web series was originally supposed to be a parody of The Cosby Show called The Qu’osby show. But a short time before the launch, 30 women came forward alleging sexual allegations against Bill Cosby. Bottom line: They had to retool the series. (I wrote about Mandvi’s new project for The Daily Beast.)   Mandvi also discussed the choice of Trevor Noah as the replacement for Jon Stewart and the fact that The Daily Show will not be the same show without Stewart.

Name that Religion: Every week on the show we play a little game called “Name that Religion.” Listeners call in to guess if a quote I read is from The Old Testament, The New Testament or The Quran. If they get it right, I will send them a prize. (A good one, I promise!) But here’s the thing, no one has answered correctly yet. This fun game reveals the preconceived notions some have about what each of these holy books contains.   Here is last week’s where Aasif Mandvi even joined in. See if you can guess correctly:

Police Gone Wild: “50 percent of the police are bad.” Those were the words of Seema Iyer, Esq, a former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney and MSNBC contributor on the percentage of “bad” cops she thinks are out there. Iyer made it clear that based on her own experiences, the police killing unarmed people and using excessive force has been going on for a long time and is actually widespread. She noted that we are only becoming aware of this thanks to the proliferation of cameras.

Hillary Clinton has a Big Problem: Politico’s Nahal Toosi discussed Hillary Clinton and the “passion gap.” There are many progressives who are not that excited about Hillary’s run for President in part because of her support of the Iraq War and close ties to Wall Street. Can she overcome that or will these progressives stay home in 2016?

Ask a Muslim:  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf joined us to discuss his interfaith work and to answer questions for “Ask A Muslim.” Imam Rauf, one of the country’s best-known Imams, explained why working with Jewish and Christians is an integral part of Islam. He also answered questions for “Ask a  Muslim” including whether it is acceptable for Muslims to engage in “honor killings” (That’s a big No!) and more.

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