The beginning, the Boston years, sex for Sam, Jimmy Norton… Opie, Anthony, Jim and Ron Bennington covered all of it in last week’s very special Unmasked, a celebration of 20 years of The Opie & Anthony Show.

Here are four of our favorite clips from the event, with one reason why you should watch each:

Anthony doesn’t miss his serial killer mullet

Why you should watch: For the moment the entire Caroline’s crowd responds to a comment Opie makes with, “Awww!”

Opie: “Anthony had some balls”

Why you should watch: For when Opie and Anthony explain why they pulled the infamous April Fool’s prank

Opie, Anthony and Jim talk women

Why you should watch: For Ronnie B’s metaphor, where Jim is Opie and Anthony’s adopted child

Opie & Anthony remember Sex for Sam

Why you should watch: For Ronnie B’s all-time great quote, “I think it’s kind of amazing that you guys think it’s OK to f— in a Macy’s.”

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