That time Courtney Love left Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins for Kurt Cobain

Billy Corgan views Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain as one of the greatest music makers of our time – even though he stole Corgan’s girl.

Yup, Corgan used to date Courtney Love, and he still views her as a highly “undervalued musician.” Of course, Howard addressed what we’re ALL thinking Tuesday on the Howard Stern Show: “How did she get to be every cool guy’s girlfriend?”

“I will say to her credit: she could pick [talent] from across the room,” Corgan said. “I was on her record label, and they sent a box of music. And one of the singles was her new single. And I flipped over the record. And I looked at her on the back, and I said, ‘I need to meet this woman.’ I’d never heard of her, never heard her name. … I called the person at the record company and said, ‘I need to meet this woman.’ … I kind of arranged for her to stay at my apartment when they came through town with the band. And that started this whole insanity. I think she’s very undervalued as a musician. … I can’t blame her for picking the bigger fish.”

Don’t worry, the King of All Media and the Smashing Pumpkins front man discussed a lot more than an old love triangle during the interview. (But we all know that particular juicy detail came to the forefront.) Corgan was on to discuss the Pumpkins’ ninth studio album, Monuments To An Elegy, which Howard deems “f-cking amazing.”

“In my weird head, it’s like a funeral album,” Corgan said. “It’s more of this idea of what people think the band is versus what the band was and what the band is.”

Howard and Corgan also talked about the Foo Fighters, who recently popped by on the show to discuss Sonic Highways, the latest addition to their own music catalog. Though Corgan has respect for Dave Grohl and the Fighters as musicians, he personally thinks the band has not left the same mark Nirvana, Grohl’s previous gig, did.

“Dave’s a great musician, great songwriter. He’s done it. He’s done the work,” Corgan said. “My criticism of the Foo Fighters – if I’m being a music critic – is that they just haven’t evolved and that’s sort of been the recent wrap on them is that they’re making the same music.”

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