Thanksgiving Entertainment Checklist: 21 Ways to Survive the Holidays with SiriusXM

The holidays always bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in both us and our families, making them this weird mix of celebrating and surviving. To help you with both, we’ve given you a checklist of 21 ways to make it through the holiday alive, albeit a few pounds heavier. And check here for our full Thanksgiving line-up in music, talk, entertainment and sports!

  • When you want to pre-game for Wednesday night drinks with your high school friends, with tunes from back in the day: SiriusXM FLY
  • Because you know what your in-laws do to you: Chill , Spa and Coffee House channels
  • Because you know what your young kids do to you, on long car rides: Kids Place Live channel—stories and songs for the family, all Thanksgiving Day
  • When you actually want to hear Foodies talk about food: “Food Talk” with Geoffrey Zakarian and chefs, celebs, and food heavies share best recipes, entertaining tips. Wednesday, November 25, at 12:00 pm ET, on SiriusXM Stars channel
  • Stressing about your fantasy football lineup for Thursday’s NFL games looming? Get all the advice you need on: SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio channel
  • When you want to sound “Confident” when saying “Hello” to that “Wrecking Ball” of a niece of yours with some on-target pop music references: SiriusXM Hits 1 channel
  • Because you know country music is good traveling music: Eric Church uses his monthly exclusive “Outsiders Radio” show to walk listeners through every dang track on his critically-acclaimed new album. “Mr. Misunderstood”: premieres Friday 11pm ET, with encores throughout the weekend: The Highway channel
  • Dust off that old varsity jacket for Thursday morning’s high school football game with the tunes you listened to back then: 80’s on 8, Hair Nation, 1st Wave, Backspin and The Groove channels
  • When you need to laugh about families even wackier than yours: comic bits about Thanksgiving and families, every hour on Raw Dog Comedy channel, all Thanksgiving Day
  • When you want to be the informed voice at the dinner table as the discussion inevitably veers into politics?
    To the Left: SiriusXM Progress channel
    To the Right: SiriusXM Patriot channel
    And bring it back to center should wine, coffee and opinions be overserved: POTUS channel
  • When you want to sound smart at dinner: Aspen Institute Radio on SiriusXM Insight channel
  • When you need to know what to watch for your upcoming TV and movie binge-a-thon: Entertainment Weekly Radio channel
  •  When the weekend starts to drag a bit, check in for some laughs and dish with Andy Cohen and his favorite celebs at the Radio Andy channel
  • When it’s mission critical to know more than your know-it-all brother-in-law about the latest news and analysis from the NFL: SiriusXM NFL Radio channel
  • When you need to make a beer run, but don’t want to miss a play? SiriusXM has channels full of live NFL, NBA and college games. Find the channel for your game:
  • When you need blunt, no-nonsense advice for how to handle the family drama, judgmental in-laws, spoiled-brat cousins and more: a marathon of Dr. Laura on SiriusXM Stars channel, starting Friday at midnight ET through Sunday at 11:59 pm ET
  • When you want to say Grace or Give Thanks with some extra inspiration: Joel Osteen Radio, The Catholic Channel and Kirk Franklin’s Praise channels
  • Because you will need some ammunition when your uncle from the U, your buddy from State, and your cousin from Tech start trash talking your College: SiriusXM College Sports Nation channel
  • When you only have 15 minutes to hear about what’s going on in the real world: FOX News Headlines 24/7 channel
  • When you remember that not everyone’s Thanksgiving belly is as full as yours: Hungerthon:
  • Because your nostalgia needs a soundtrack as you unpack family heirloom ornaments when you put up the tree: Holiday Traditions, Navidad and Holly channels

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