Celebration on Cowboys’ star gave Titans ‘momentum to continue to keep fighting’

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t appreciate it, of course.

For the Tennessee Titans, however, Kevin Byard’s celebration on the star in the middle of the field at AT&T Stadium after his end-zone interception Monday night did plenty to motivate the safety’s teammates on the way to their 28-14 victory against the Cowboys.

‘I told KB after the game, ‘Bro, you really got it started”

Titans safety Kevin Byard (SiriusXM NFL Radio photo)

“They came out and hit us in the mouth that first drive and we reacted and responded like, ‘Hey, we don’t care if you guys are Cowboys, we’re at your stadium,'” linebacker Wesley Woodyard told Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on the SiriusXM Blitz. “KB gets a pick and I told KB after the game, ‘Bro, you really got it started when you got the interception.’ A lot of people didn’t like what he did to the star, but sometimes certain things like that gives your a team that momentum to continue to keep fighting and, to me, that was one of those moments.”

Woodyard said the Titans’ defensive game plan was straightforward.

‘We were just trying to bend but don’t break’

“Definitely (stop running back) Zeke (Elliott),” Woodyard said. “First, second down, taking away Zeke, knowing how they were going to try to attack us in the run game. On third down, we had to eliminate (wide receiver Cole) Beasley.

“And with their new addition with Coop (receiver Amari Cooper) coming in, we knew they were going to try to target him in the red zone. We were just trying to bend but don’t break. That was the mentality.”

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