Success without Stress: David Lynch + Bob Roth explain Transcendental Meditation

Airing Wednesday 2/5 at 7 pm ET on Indie
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This week on Success without Stress, host Bob Roth, the Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, sits down with famed TV and film director, and founder of the David Lynch Foundation, David Lynch to talk about Transcendental Meditation and David’s career.

In this clip, Bob and David talk about the changes in today’s film industry and how David looks at cinema since everything has gone digital.

In this clip, Bob and David chat about The David Lynch Foundation’s “Quiet Time” program that TM introduced into San Francisco Schools, in particular the Visitacion Valley Middle School, and the program’s effect on the students and school community in general.

For more on Transcendental Meditation, its roots, effects and how it is practiced, watch Bob Roth’s introductory video below.

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