Airs Friday 10/10 at 8 pm ET on The Highway, Ch. 56

Celebrating their new album, Anything Goes, country duo Florida Georgia Line recently recorded a Superfan concert at SiriusXM’s Nashville studios, which was hosted by The Highway’s Storme Warren. You’ll get to hear the Superfan concert in its entirety on Friday 10/10 at 8 pm ET on The Highway (Ch. 56), but first, we invited Storme to tell us why he loves FGL so much, and what you’ll hear during tonight’s show. 

Written by The Highway’s Storme Warren

“Look at our tour and press calendar. Two weeks before Cruise hit? Empty. Two weeks after its release, there’s not an empty day in this book,” says Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line as he and his partner Brian Kelly prepare to sit down for their first-ever TV interview, which is held at Joe’s Pub on Weed St. in Chicago for Headline Country.

I remember their concert that night. It was loud, big and different. And the packed bar ate up every note and washed each one down with a shot of Fireball. It was obvious we were witnessing the birth of something huge. That was just over two years ago. Flash-forward to today, and the FGL rocket ship ride continues at full power.

But like the separation of booster rockets from the space shuttle, each step of the ride comes with its fair share of risk. Cruise and FGL’s debut album (which is full of hits such as Stay and Round Here) are the booster rockets, and now it’s time to see if the FGL shuttle can stay in orbit on its own. The first stage is already complete. Stage two begins with Dirt.

The debut single from a sophomore album might be the most important decision an artist can make, especially after releasing the most downloaded song in history. Would it be more of the same fun-loving party music that packs crowds in each and every night, or would they show a different level? The answer came in Dirt.

In my opinion, Dirt is the best song FGL has ever put out. It has a message. It has heart. And, like my first impression of them, it was different. When you listen to FGL’s Superfan concert at Nashville’s SiriusXM Music City Theater, you’ll not only hear the music that launched the duo as a band, but most importantly, you’ll hear the music that makes it possible for them to explore new frontiers.

The concert highlight, at least visually, is their tribute to doing nothing, titled Sun Daze. Musically, Sun Daze is pure ear candy. You can’t help but turn it up. And lyrically? Well, you’ll have to draw your own conclusion depending on your, um, state of mind.

Dirt sounds amazing in our intimate studio, which is filled with 60 lucky SiriusXM subscribers. In between songs, B.K. and Tyler talk about their fears, their first jobs, how they are handling this ride and even their relationship status (which has since changed for the newly engaged Tyler Hubbard. Listen as he dances around the question — you almost can hear the jingling of a ring in his pocket).

Now, not everyone is in love with Florida Georgia Line’s music, and that’s okay. Because what we’ve learned about these two and a lot of sounds blasting from The Highway, is that Anything Goes.

Watch Florida Georgia Line perform Sun Daze below, and don’t forget to hear their entire Superfan concert on Friday 10/10 at 8 pm ET on The Highway, Ch. 56.

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