Sting: ‘I’ve had enough’ of this presidential election

Legendary rocker Sting sat down with The MOMS Denise and Melissa on Tuesday and discussed the impact the U.S. presidential election is having on children and today’s culture.

“I think this presidential campaign has been lacking in any kind of meaning,” he said. “And the kids are watching, so I’m hoping the stress will be over tonight because I’ve had enough.”

The British singer noted that even though he’s not a U.S. citizen, the results of the race are still very important to him and people all over the globe.

“I don’t get to vote but the position is the most important political office in the world, so who is the president affects everyone on the planet, so it’s vitally important,” he said. “But, boy, it’s been interesting.”

Sting also talked about how he managed to raise six children while being a travelling musician.

“They’re all extraordinary, well-balanced, kind, thoughtful people, so their mother can take absolute credit for that,” he said. “Dad just did what he loved doing and if I gave them anything it was that example: Find a job you love and do it well.”

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