Steve Phillips: ‘I would strongly consider releasing Jonathan Pabelbon’

Just one day after being eliminated from playoff contention, tensions were high in the Nationals’ dugout on Sunday as a scuffle broke out between outfielder Bryce Harper and closer Jonathan Pabelbon.

The fight between the two that had to be broken up by players and coaches started after Pabelbon called out Harper for not running out a fly ball, which led to things getting heated quickly.

On SiriusXM MLB Network Radio Steve Phillips explained why Pabelbon is more to blame for the incident, and what action he would take as GM.

“I would strongly consider releasing Jonathan Pabelbon today,” Phillips said. “He has absolutely no right whatsoever to have a fight like that, going after the star player in the dugout for the team.”

Phillips continued.

“The present and the future for the Nationals is not Jonathan Pabelbon and for him to come in and all of a sudden think he’s some leader on this team,” he said. “Bye bye, Jonathon. I’ll move you, I’ll suspend you, I’ll put you on a suspended list and I’ll find a way to move you. I’ll eat whatever salary I can but you’re out.”

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