Eight million YouTube plays in just 10 days? Yeah, Patrick Adelman nailed it.

Adelman, a University of Rochester student and one of the Chamber Boys, a broadcasting team for WRUR’s The Sting Online Radio, opened up the college semester by fooling a classroom full of chemistry students. Dressed in a shirt and khakis, Adelman walked into CHM 131, impersonated the course’s professor, Dr. Hafensteiner, and proceeded to dash the dreams of a lecture hall full of future medical school students.

As it turns out, Adelman was an intern for the Howard Stern Show’s Tapes Team this summer. Jon Leiberman of Howard 100 News spoke with Adelman this week about the prank, the professor’s involvement, and what was going through the former intern’s mind as the class bought into his prank.

“I thought it was nuts,” Adelman said. “I mean, once I turned around and they went silent, I knew they were buying everything I said, it was crazy. I felt like I was in total control of him.

“I really didn’t know what [Dr. Hafensteiner] was gonna say when he came in,” Adelman remembered. “So when he called me out and I turned around and I saw him, I just was speechless. I literally could not think of anything to say. And at that point, I realized my only option was to run out of the room.”

Adelman added that his time with the Tapes Team “definitely gives some influence” to what he does with the Chamber Boys.

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