Stephen A. Smith blasts Cowboys fans: ‘I really despise y’all’

It was a big night for the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night, as Big D mounted a fourth-quarter comeback to defeat the New York Giants, 27-26, with seconds left on the clock. The win left Cowboys fans feeling pretty pleased with themselves Monday morning – and Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Stephen A. Smith feeling disgusted.

“You lucky, pathetic Dallas Cowboys fans all over the nation,” Smith said. “I just can’t stand y’all. I really despise y’all, I must admit. I can’t stand y’all a little bit. Y’all make me sick. Every time I think about y’all, I want to vomit.”

Smith continued by bashing former Cowboys’ receiver Michael Irvin after he demanded respect for quarterback Tony Romo following the game.

“My God, can you wear your homer jersey any better?” Smith asked. “In the last 18 years, 18 years – this is the 19th year – the Dallas Cowboys have two playoff victories. Two. I didn’t say two Super Bowls, I said two playoff victories.”

Later in the show, Smith was joined by Irvin himself, who defended his words about Romo.

“We don’t give Tony the credit he deserves,” Irvin said. “Look how Tony has kept Dallas around to at least be in the hunt for things. With the talent he has had, the plays that he’s had to make, that he has made … Dallas is just really now getting the understanding of really what it takes to build an offensive line, they’re understanding now you need a running game, and they’re finally trying to give him the right kind of support.”

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