According to Bluesville‘s Tony Colter, there’s no city for the blues like Chicago. “If you’re headed to sweet home Chicago, make sure to visit Buddy Guy’s Legends,” says Tony. “That’s the mecca of blues clubs. And there’s Rosa’s Lounge — that’s been around since the ’60s or ’70s. It was a hotbed for local blues in the late ’60s and early ’70s. and it’s still thriving today.”

But if you’re taking a road trip from, say, St. Louis to Chicago, what should a proper blues fan listen to along the way? According to Tony, the best road trip music is “something that keeps you moving” and “uptempo.” “You don’t want something that drags you down or makes you sleepy. [You need] something that you can sing along to.”

Tony also expanded on which Bluesville tracks would best accompany a trip to Chicago. “Chicago and St. Louis are two good blues towns. There’s all kind of relatable blues songs about Chicago. Like, if you hear something by Muddy Waters or Koko Taylor … Those songs make traveling to Chicago just a bit more relatable.”

Tony’s no stranger to road trips, himself. His favorite part about them is “seeing the different places along the great American highway.”

“I’m also a foodie,” admits Tony. “So when I’m taking a trip I look for really cool places that are indigenous to the places you’re traveling to. I’m always looking for that little BBQ spot on the side of the road. Blues, beef and BBQ.”

Check out Bluesville’s road trip playlist from St. Louis to Chicago below.

1. Jimmy Rogers – Chicago Bound
2. Koko Taylor – Let The Good Times Roll
3. Little Walter – Key To The Highway
4. Muddy Waters – Tiger In Your Tank
5. Magic Slim – Further On Up The Road
6. John Lee Hooker – Dusty Road
7. Robert Johnson – Ramblin On My Mind
8. Junior Parker – Driving Wheel
9. Johnny Adams – Body And Fender Man
10. Magic Sam – Sweet Home Chicago

Chicago, IL –> Cleveland, OH

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