Sophia Bush and Kirstie Alley tell haters to ‘Wake Up’ on SiriusXM Stars

Telling it like it is is a Wake Up With Taylor specialty, and the guests who stop by to dish with Taylor and Kenny can get pretty candid themselves. We are so glad Kirstie Alley did during her recent sit-down on the show. Alley spoke out against Internet trolls and responded to the press’ obsession with her (and other female celebs’) physiques.

“People say the most hideous things to you in an arena where people are hidden,” Alley said. “I think that the media has gotten really weirdly out of control about a lot of things … Seriously, it would never have happened to a man. I can name 20 men who gained over 100 pounds, whether it was for a movie or it was just ‘Who cares?’ I think it’s a way to really insult women … And people say ‘Well, you signed up for that.’ I never signed up for THAT.”

Actor and director Sophia Bush also stopped by to talk about a lot more than One Tree Hill throwbacks. Bush told Taylor about her drinks of choice – bourbon (Basil Hayden and High West) and scotch (Lagavulin) are her faves. If that doesn’t already make her sound like the coolest human, her response to those who don’t understand feminism will.

“These smart, talented, creative, sensitive and vulnerable and brilliant women simply believe that they should have equal opportunities should they choose them. They shouldn’t be judged if they want to stay at home and be moms when they have kids, and they shouldn’t be judged if they want to be the CEO of a company. And if they are the CEO of a company, they shouldn’t get paid less than the man who held that job before them,” Bush said. “You can’t tell me that feminism is irrelevant, or that we don’t need to be talking about women’s rights.”

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