Don’t let the name fool you. Martin Short’s time on the entertainment scene has been quite long. (I’ll be here all week.)

Short recently released a memoir entitled I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend, which he stopped by to discuss with Howard Stern. Of course – they had to bring up his stint on SNL. While audiences loved watching Short and Billy Crystal make SNL magic in 1984, Short revealed the weekly writing process was hardly short – nor sweet.

“Everyone was really, really nice to me. I don’t have any stories like, ‘Oh, I was a victim!’… If I hadn’t been a writer on the show, and I could just show up on Wednesday and be handed a great script, I’d still be there.” Short said. “[Scripts] had to be typed up by 7 AM on the Wednesday and the read-through would be at noon. And [Billy Crystal] knocked on my office door, and I was staring at a typewriter. And he said, “Well, I’m leaving. It’s four in the morning. What are you writing?” And he just saw ‘Open on …’ I had nothing. I had absolutely nothing.”

Second City Television was Short’s true passion project. He and his cast mates were like family. (But seriously, Andrea Martin became his sister-in-law in 1980 when she married screenwriter Bob Dolman.) SCTV helped solidify Short’s career among other comedic greats (and his close personal friends) like Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, and even Chevy Chase.

“We had a million laughs. Chevy is hilarious,” he said. “I once went to a concert – we were seeing a Frank Sinatra concert, and Swifty Lazar who is bald was in front of us. And Chevy would take out his sunglasses, put them on the back of his head, but wouldn’t touch it so it looked like the guy was looking out.”

Having lost his wife Nancy Dolman in 2010, Short also knows when to be serious – and when to keep smiling. Stern brought up Kathie Lee Gifford’s infamous interview flub on the TODAY show. Apparently, Gifford had not gotten the memo about his wife’s passing – a year and a half later. Of course, Short handled that tense segment with grace – and laughter in retrospect.

“I didn’t want to embarrass her, but of course I don’t know if she’s going to ask or say something else about it,” Short said. “And then we ended the segment, and then I went up to her, and she was mortified. And then I didn’t even think anything of it. And then I had my phone on buzzer … And it’s Paul Shaffer: ‘Did I just hit my head and see something? I can’t believe what I just saw!'”

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