With all the anticipation leading up to this year’s Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Journalists are finally on the ground and reporting back on what it’s like. This week on The Michelangelo Signorile Show, Charley Walters, an openly gay freelance journalist, describes the scene giving details from the energy at the Olympic Village, to the rumors about stray dogs and even what it’s like so far as an openly gay man.

First off, Walters says that while Thursday was barren, there is a lot more energy on Friday when the opening ceremonies occurred as well as a few of the first competitions.

“The park itself was alive with energy, there were great people from all over the world. You could see an influx of athletes… I did meet some spectators today. There are people. I have not met a lot of Americans who are here to watch the games,” Walters said. “But media wise there’s a ton of people here.”

As far as being gay in Russia in light of the recent anti-LGBT laws, Walters says that he hasn’t personally experienced any negativity.

“The Olympics have been a big part of my life for a long time and I’ve never felt quite conflicted as I did with this one going into it. But I still felt it was important for me to be here. I felt like not going and boycotting as a team or personally for myself was not the right solution. I felt in my heart this was the right thing to do. That maybe in some way I could send the right message,” Walters said. “And I will say that luckily I have not experienced any negative vibes or emotions on myself yet. We’re only 24 hours into it. “

He then goes on to describe one thing he saw right in his hotel that shocked him.

And the rumors about the numerous stray dogs roaming around Sochi? All true.

“That is one thing that is definitely correct… I am literally being followed by four stray dogs as you ask me this question,” Walters said. “They’re actually pretty cute… They’re everywhere, it’s sad. I’ve never had a dog but I almost want to take one in and adopt it for this week.”

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