NFL fantasy football: Tips to save your struggling team

Four weeks of the NFL season are in the books, and maybe you’re already about to call the fantasy season a wash.

Maybe Jimmy Garoppolo was your quarterback, Tyler Eifert was your tight end, and that Vikings defense you were so excited about? Yeah, Jared Goff took a little bit of the shine off that diamond last week.

Despite all of this, fret not, because SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio is here to help you scour the league and turn around the season you were about to label a failure.

Each week, Fantasy Sports Radio can help you make tweaks, check the waiver wire, and avoid starting players that are late scratches.

Though their hosts break down what to expect on game day throughout the week, make Sundays on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio a part of your weekly routine. Experts like Jeff Mans and Bob Harris know the league like the back of their hands and can answer all of your last-minute questions. Once the first games have kicked off, Matt Camp and Joe Dolan follow the action live, update all the big plays and give you the latest on every injury around the league so you can keep up with your team as the day progresses.

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