Smokey Robinson tells Howard ‘There’s some good music being made today, man!’ on the Stern Show

When singer-songwriter extraordinaire and record producer Smokey Robinson stopped by The Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning, Howard had to know: “Do you like music today, or is it kind of sh—y?”

“There’s some good music being made today, man! Do you like John Legend? Do you like Jessie J or Mary J. Blige? There’s a lot of people making some really good music out today that I really like,” Robinson said.

That prompted Howard to bring up the controversy surrounding Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, and how it sounds similar to Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up”:

“Part of the melody is in there! It was absolutely a rip off!” Robinson said.

Howard and Smokey Robinson

Howard and Smokey Robinson

Back in the day, Smokey Robinson was the lead singer of Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, a band initially called just, “The Miracles.” Robinson insisted that there was good reason for members of the band not to be jealous of Robinson becoming the title performer of the group:

“We all made the same money, I never made any more money!”

Howard also questioned whether Smokey made any bad deals, or and if there was any beef between him and the other band members:

“They’re my brothers, man, we’ve been singing together since we were 11 years old!”

What many don’t know about Robinson is that he grew up in a neighborhood full of icons like Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross.

“Aretha was my neighbor, and I’ve known her since I was eight years old,” Robinson told Howard. “Diana Ross was four houses down the street, and Aretha lived right around the corner … We were all kids together!”

“You know who I lived next to?” Howard added jokingly, “Charles Manson!”

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