Michael Smerconish is not only a major author and media personality; he is also quite the carnivore. However, Smerconish has a very specific set of views when it comes to meat eating – views that producer TC called “the craziest thing I have ever heard.”

The discussion came up when Smerconish revealed he was horrified to hear about a new study that reports lobsters feel pain when cooked. Smerconish eats poultry and beef “in protest” and “with remorse;” however, he firmly believes that crustaceans cannot feel pain, despite the teachings of his college professor and distinguished legal scholar, Gary Francione.

“If you put a chicken on my plate, I might – not always – but … sometimes things pop in my head, and I think about that chicken. Or, if I have a steak, I might sometimes think about the way that steak got on my plate,” Smerconish said. “But if you put fish on my plate or if I have, like, shrimp scampi, I don’t stop and think about the shrimp … I’m not alone [in these views].”

Listen to the full clip to see how your views stack up.

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