Skrillex talks Deadmau5 sass, Paris Hilton’s EDM career + more on Howard

Electronic dance music makers are hardly ever described as “just all right.” Diehard fans fill venues to worship their favorite beat spinners while harsh critics think today’s DJs are mere mortal mouse clickers. Wherever you stand on the EDM front, Skrillex has six Grammy awards under his belt, a massive fan following and more recently, a sit down on the Howard Stern Show. (And it’s only Monday. This dubstep master is doing something right.)

Stern asked Skrillex about his past relationship with Ellie Goulding, and what he has his heart set on after their split.

“We’re still good friends. … She’s one of the most talented people on this planet,” Skrillex said. “It’s such a dope, awesome, crazy time in my career where there are so many things changing and expanding and so many projects right now. I’m just so focused on making music.”

Stern also pointed out Skrillex’s unclear relationship with EDM movement maker Deadmau5. Are the two competitors? Or does Deadmau5 occasionally throw Skrillex shade just for fun?

“[Deadmau5] was posting about me when I was first releasing music and helped a lot. He released one of my first EPs on his label,” Skrillex said. “I saw him last weekend in Vegas, and he was like ‘Yo, dude!’ He’ll talk crap about everyone, but you can’t take him that seriously. You can’t take it personally … I never felt the need to be competitive with him. I’m always competitive with myself.”

There is one competitor Skrillex may need to keep an eye on – apparently, Paris Hilton rakes in more money than Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Deadmau5 combined. $1 million per performance to be exact. Hilton’s lucrative EDM career has left many feeling just as confused as her dog looks in this outfit, but Skrillex showed support for Hilton’s newest shenanigans and antics (shenantics?).

“The Ramones knew four chords, and they were considered illiterate musicians. … They were criticized for that,” Skrillex said. “To have an effect on culture as an artist, no matter how you do it – some dude could fart onstage and if he’s confident, then that’s his sh-t – no pun intended.”

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