It’s Friday, people! You know what that means: it’s time to back away from the laptop,ditch the feverish checking of emails and RELAX. And what better way to do that than with a good flick?

Now, when it comes to choosing the movie, careful consideration is key. Lucky for you, SiriusXM The Pulse reviewed two can’t-miss new releases in theaters this weekend, Thor: The Dark World and About Time.

Still can’t make a decision? Get to know some of the cast!

First up from Thor is Kat Dennings, who plays the role of the flustered intern, Darcy.

Chris Hemsworth – two words that explain the overflow of female patrons to movie theaters across the country. Check out this clip from  Rotten Tomatoes to hear some of the Australian influences he had on his character.

Don’t be swayed too much yet, movie-goers! Hear from the lovely Rachel McAdams about her role in About Time and the best New Year’s Eve she’s ever had.

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