SiriusXM uncensored: Our favorite R-rated quotes from 2014’s EW Radio Town Halls

Celebrities may clean up nice, but when they come into SiriusXM, they kick back, relax and (in some cases) let the F-bombs fly. From Samuel L. Jackson putting the haters in their place to Neil Patrick Harris revealing someone he thinks is hot, hot, hot, here are our five favorite uncensored quotes of the year from EW Radio’s SiriusXM Town Hall series.

Samuel L. Jackson to all the haters: “When people criticize Snakes on a Plane, I go, ‘well, fuck you. I’m definitely glad to see ME in it.'”

SiriusXM Town Hall With Samuel L. Jackson

Jeff Bridges on the Zen-est quotes from The Big Lebowski: “‘Shut the fuck up Donny,’ and ‘That’s just like your opinion, man’ are modern-day Koans.”

 Jeff Bridges

Neil Patrick Harris on his celebrity crush: “I can’t say anything without [my husband] David Burtka feeling slighted. But I did love those Nick Jonas pics, with his pants down, grabbing his stuff. Channeling everyone’s inner Marky Mark. That was awesome.”

 Neil Patrick Harris

Patrick Stewart’s hypothetical advice to his younger self: “Cheer the FUCK UP, Patrick.” 



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