Airing on SiriusXM POTUS, Ch. 124, Sundays at 10 am ET.  

It was announced today that SiriusXM will begin to audio-cast America’s longest running television news program Meet The Press with NBC News Political Director and Host Chuck Todd. Hailed as the informative beltway for political news since it’s inception in 1947, the program will be available to SiriusXM subscribers nationwide beginning Sunday, 12/14.

Airing Sunday mornings, Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press discusses the big national news headlines dominating the country as well as the globe, with top political leaders, news makers, and influential voices, giving insight to the major issues facing Americans.

On this Sunday’s Meet the Press, former Vice President Dick Cheney is live in-studio on the heels of the Senate’s long-awaited torture report. Cheney will confront questions about the recently exposed, controversial CIA interrogation techniques and their effectiveness, as well as what the Bush Administration knew about the details of the program during that term.  The interview will also touch upon the state of the Middle East, immigration reform, and the race for 2016.

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