SiriusXM Sports’ NCAA tourney predictions

By now we hope you’ve got your bracket filled out, devised the perfect plan to catch all the tourney action at work (without your boss catching you), and that you’ve got your SiriusXM mobile app downloaded to your phone. Now, before the cold hand of Fate knocks your favorite team out, forcing you to drown your misguided sorrows in too many frothy cold ones at your neighborhood Applebee’s and the irresponsible texts that ensue as a byproduct, before all of that? We wanted to share with you the NCAA predictions from some of our guests and our hoops-obsessed hosts from SiriusXM’s College Sports Nation and NBA Radio, whose brackets will all probably do way better than yours because they’re experts and the Big Dance is always one of those utterly easy things for experts to predict.

First up? None other than last season’s National Player of the Year and current Charlotte Hornet rookie, Frank Kaminsky. Where does the former Wisconsin Badger think his alma mater will end up? #Spoilers Kaminsky is pained to say that the Badgers will fall to the UNC Tar Heels in the Elite Eight:

Recent guest on Bleacher Report Radio, Jimmer Fredette,  predicts that Wichita State, Iona and Northern Iowa will be three surefire sleepers in the tourney that could have you hightailing it to the nearest Applebee’s for a Brewtus (or eight.):

Meanwhile, Adam Schein and ESPN’s Jay Bilas discussed the tournament favorites on Mad Dog Sports Radio’s “Schein on Sports”:


As far as Final Four predictions go our pool of college and NBA hoops experts had little consensus outside of Michigan State.It’s a little strange to see quite this many high seeds included, considering how unexceptional many of these teams have looked. Still, Sparty, UNC and Kansas got a whole 44% of all votes for making the Final Four and over the past two or three weeks those three have looked nigh invulnerable. In any case, chaos is about to strike in the most fun way possible. Enjoy the action, folks.

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