SiriusXM Sports men’s lacrosse semifinals and championship game preview

The NCAA Division 1 men’s lacrosse semifinals and national championship game begin this Saturday, and SiriusXM will have complete play-by-play coverage. Legendary midfielder Paul Rabil, former Syracuse standout Paul Carcaterra and host Paul Mittermeier will also provide expert analysis on The Lacrosse Show throughout the weekend.

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2014 NCAA Div. 1 Men’s Lacrosse Playoff Coverage Schedule
Date School Time (ET) Sirius channel XM channel
Sat., May 24 Pregame Show 11:00 AM 91 91
Sat., May 24 Duke vs. Denver 12:45 PM 91 91
Sat., May 24 Maryland vs. Notre Dame Follows Duke/Denver 91 91
Sat., May 24 Postgame Show 6:00 PM 91 91
Mon., May 26 Pregame Show 11:00 AM 91 91
Mon., May 26 Nat’l Champ Game 12:45 PM 91 91
Mon., May 26 Postgame Show 3:00 PM 91 91

This week on The Lacrosse Show, Rabil and Carcaterra previewed each match-up, including what to listen for this weekend.

Duke vs. Denver

Carcaterra says the match-up will feature a Denver team that “hits on all cylinders offensively,” while defending champion Duke has “snipers and guys who can get to the rack.”

There is one question for Carcaterra though.

“How do you defend Duke’s Myles Jones? He’s a guy that’s kind of blown up from a physical standpoint. He dominates match-ups, he’s 6’4, over 240 pounds and has the full repertoire as far as his skill set.”

Rabil credits assistant coach Matt Danowski, the son of Duke’s head coach John, in helping Jones improve throughout the 2014 season.

[Danowski has] done a great job of raising more awareness as to where Myles is now starting his dodges versus where he started and got his production last year and all the way up until the Syracuse game this year. His comfort … he was doing these low-wing dodges and he was getting caught backing his shortstick defender in, rolling and doing that jump shot low angle.

Maryland vs. Notre Dame

This is the third time these two ACC foes are meeting this season. Notre Dame defeated Maryland in the ACC conference semifinals en route to their ACC championship this season.

Carcaterra knows tempo is the key to this match-up, airing on SiriusXM College Sports Nation following the Duke-Denver game.

“Notre Dame likes to fly up and down the field, Maryland likes to play half-field lacrosse,” Carcaterra said. “[Maryland] can do that because they have Charlie Raffa, the best faceoff man left in the field.”

For Notre Dame, attacker Matt Kavanagh will be the player in charge.

Kavanagh is extremely quick,” Carcaterra said. “He scores big goals in big moments.”

Rabil echoed the sentiments of Kavanagh‘s ability.

“I love his in-game feel,” Rabil said. “He exhausts his dodges, which is really important as an offensive player. He doesn’t jam the ball to the crease, and he has the ability to feed.”

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