Following a one-week deactivation in response to allegations of child abuse, Adrian Peterson was reinstated to the Minnesota Vikings roster Monday. Peterson released a statement Monday evening that read, in part:

I am not a perfect son. I am not a perfect husband. I am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser.

SiriusXM sports hosts Patrick Meagher, Pat Kirwan, Brad Hopkins and Nicole Zaloumis reacted to news of Peterson’s reinstatement Monday.

Meagher, host of The Wrap on Mad Dog Sports Radio

There is so much sh– going on and propaganda, and so many people talking about it, and this right here is maybe the most preposterous thing ever said: [playing audio of Charles Barkley] “We spank kids in the south.” OK, that doesn’t even begin to describe what we’re talking about. First off, you go over there in the corner and think about if you think it’s cool to spank kids.

There was photographic evidence of a kid with open welts on his body. Charley Barkley isn’t stupid. Well, we didn’t think he was stupid; he obviously is very stupid. Just because you see somebody over there that did something that you had done to you, walk over, and become ignorant, and side with ignorance, because of that fact that it was done to you. Charley Barkley has made millions of dollars, not just on his athleticism, but his ability to orate, his ability to connect with people. Now he wants to go on there and stand up for this idiot Adrian Peterson because of the fact that he got spanked as a kid? I think there’s a pretty big difference between a spanking, and taking a branch and whipping the kid until he has to go to the doctor’s. And, by the way, Adrian Peterson thinks the same thing, because when he got talked to by police, he was concerned, if you read the report, about a forthcoming doctor’s appointment. Why was he concerned about it? Because he knows what he did was wrong.

You’re a zero … And, by the way, taking a mugshot, smiling, when being accused of beating a four-year-old, when there’s photographic evidence of open sores, is diabolical.

The Minnesota Vikings; I know that the Patriots came into your yard and put a whooping on you in your room. I don’t know if that’s the time to decide to become the worst, most uncouth organization of all-time. “Due process.” You can take due process and shove it up your ass. How about that. How about due common sense. … How about you do not let child abusers run the football.

Adrian Peterson will not be running the ball on Sunday. You just don’t know it yet.

Kirwan, co-host of Movin’ The Chains on SiriusXM NFL Radio

I wouldn’t play the guy, and I don’t think, if I was Adrian, I’d want to play … Why are you doing this on Monday? If you are taking more time to find more information, why wouldn’t you take the whole week? What was important about today? … These things need to be universally disciplined, and they need to be done by the league office.

You think we have a black eye in the NFL? This is another black eye. This decision is another black eye.

Hopkins, on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio’s The B/R Spotlight

It’s not illegal to spank your child. Obviously, we’re now trying to determine to what degree … If you spank any child, you’re gonna see welts … If someone would’ve taken me to the emergency room when I was eight years old, and shown them some of the repercussions of something that I had done, then my parents would’ve been taken off to jail … I’m not taking anything away from the pain that this child did suffer, but any spanking causes a child pain. And it’s not illegal for Adrian Peterson to spank his child.

But at one point, did you take this above and beyond? Stuffing leaves in a kid’s mouth, making him drop his trousers, the size of the branch; how mad were you?

Zaloumis, co-host of The B/R Spotlight on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio

If you are in a doctor’s office, and that doctor is compelled to take pictures of evidence of bloody legs, a bloody scrotum, a body that has been mangled by a tree branch at the hands of his father. The mother – they’re not together – brought this child in, because when she received her child, I can’t even imagine the horror that she must’ve felt upon looking at her child’s naked body, and seeing the pain that he was in. Took him to the doctor – Adrian Peterson tried to laugh it off in some kind of text messages by saying, “Yeah, I took it too far.”

There is a slippery slope, which you [Hopkins] pointed out, which is, it’s tough to tell other people how to raise their children, and it’s a really hard situation and a sticky situation you get yourself in when you tell someone how to discipline their child. I have a hard time listening to my parents tell me how to discipline my child; this is my child, I’m gonna discipline how I want. But in the state of Texas, the way it is determined is how it is deemed reasonable, and this was not reasonable.

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