SiriusXM Sports dug up our first tweets on Twitter’s 10th birthday

Do you remember your first time? It was probably awkward and you probably didn’t get much of a response. If you were lucky, you got an “lol” or a “lmao.” Get your minds out of the gutter, we’re talking about your first time pressing the “send” button on Twitter.

On Twitter’s 10th birthday the company is allowing everyone to very easily find their very first tweet here. We thought it would be fun to look back on some of the first tweets sent by SiriusXM’s Sports accounts and boy, were we wrong. It wasn’t as fun as we thought, but here they are anyways.

Let’s start with our MMA channel, SiriusXM Rush, which came out the gates throwing punches with this amazing declaration:

Up next is our own Brian Scalabrine from SiriusXM NBA Radio.

White Mamba wasn’t the only one to get in the fun from the NBA crew either, our Frank Isola’s first tweet is pure zeitgeist what with the efforts to recruit LeBron to the Big Apple pre-Decision back in 2010.

After that, everyone else went the safe and professional route, announcing show times or their arrival to the latest social media craze:

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