‘Tis the season to be scared. Really scared. But that begs the question: What is the scariest scare out there? Are you glutton for punishment from slasher films or are satanic movies your instrument of torture? We’re asking you, the scary movie-watching masochist to help narrow down some of the best horror films out there, until All Hallows Eve when one scary movie will remain standing as the scariest horror movie of all time. So pick your poison below and start voting on round 1.

Undead Movies – VOTE HERE
Night of the Living Dead vs. 30 Days of Night
28 Days Later vs. Fright Night
Nosferatu vs. The Lost Boys
Dawn of the Dead vs. Let the Right One In

Supernatural Movies – VOTE HERE
The Shining vs. Insidious
Carrie vs. Paranormal Activity
Poltergeist vs. Hellraiser
The Ring vs. Pet Semetary

Satanic Movies – VOTE HERE
The Exorcist vs. Needful Things
Rosemary’s Baby vs. The Wicker Man
The Omen vs. Fallen
Children of the Corn vs. Evil Dead

Slasher Movies – VOTE HERE
Halloween vs. Hostel
Nightmare on Elm Street vs. Human Centipede
Friday the 13th vs. Scream
Texas Chainsaw Massacre vs. Saw

Rules: If it’s a series, we’re talking about the first one. If there are remakes, we’re talking about the original (even if it isn’t American).

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