SiriusXM NFL Radio 10th anniversary: Scott Pioli, executive-turned-host-turned-executive

Looking back at the history of SiriusXM NFL Radio, through its hosts and founders, for the channel’s 10th anniversary on Aug. 2, 2014.

Scott Pioli has a unique perspective on SiriusXM NFL Radio. He’s been on both sides of the channel.

While working in the front offices of the Patriots and Chiefs, Pioli was a regular listener. When he was between jobs, he became a host, offering insights, explanations and anecdotes about life in the NFL.

Now, he’s back in the business as assistant GM in Atlanta. He’s still an avid fan of channel 88.

“From the standpoint of a listener, as an NFL executive I would and do listen to it, but not as an information source so much,” Pioli says. “A lot of the information you hear we already knew. I enjoyed it for the entertainment.

“I love football, so when a program had the old players on, for instance, or anytime Gil Brandt is on, hearing the old stories they would tell is what I love. I’m also something of a football historian.”

Pioli’s skill at dissecting the ins and outs of the NFL is only surpassed by his ability to analyze football prospects. While he excelled on The Opening Drive during his time as a co-host on channel 88, Pioli truly belongs in a team’s front office.

He’s back there now. So is he tempted to call in to Bob Papa or Ross Tucker in the morning?

“I have heard things inaccurately reported, either on one of teams I was working with or about a team where I had a very close friend,” he says. “I always resisted calling in, that’s a slippery slope. I guess it depends on the degree of the mistake. If the mistake is harmful, then perhaps. If not harmful, then no.

“There are moments when I called (Senior VP of Sports Programming) Steve Cohen where I heard a story or someone getting ripped in a very personal way. When some of the things get personal and way off-base, those are conversations we have had.”

Pioli is quick to point out that such moments have been extremely rare.

“It’s an operation with a great deal of integrity,” he says of SiriusXM NFL Radio.

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