SiriusXM NBA Radio’s Lionel Hollins off to Brooklyn

C’mon, NBA. Again?

For the third time this offseason – remember Steve Kerr and Sam Mitchell? – a SiriusXM NBA Radio host will coach in the Association in 2014.

Lionel Hollins landed the head coaching gig with the Brooklyn Nets after the team dealt former head coach Jason Kidd to the Milwaukee Bucks. Hollins spoke with Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Chris Russo about the new job this week on Mad Dog Unleashed.

Hollins on losing the job in Memphis:

It was disappointing, but it was a blessing, because I was able to see my son play, and travel around the country, and watch him enjoy his senior season at the University of Minnesota. I got to spend some time at home, and I did some other things – I did SiriusXM NBA Radio, and then I did NBA TV. So, I was busy, and it was a good break. It’s one I didn’t realize, but it was a very productive break.

Hollins wondering whether he’d ever coach again:

Concerned and worried are two of the wrong words [to describe his feelings before landing the Nets job]. But I did think that might happen [not landing another head coaching gig this offseason], and I was starting to move in a direction to see what I wanted to do for that year. And even looking at it, if I was ever going to be back in the league, and just maybe moving in a different direction altogether career-wise as I wind down. But a miracle happened, and here I am, and I’m excited to get going and look forward to the challenge.

Hollins on Deron Williams:

I think he’s been unfairly maligned. Simply because, when you’re injured, you can’t play to your full potential. And another thing that comes when you’re injured, you sit out and you lose some conditioning – no matter what you’re doing, it’s not the same as basketball conditions. So my hope for him is to get 100 percent healthy, and then get his body in tip-top shape, and then have him regain his confidence to go out there and be the player that he was. I think there’s a lot of unfair expectation on him, just because his reputation when he came here; he’s not a savior, he’s a great piece to a puzzle, and we want him to play to his highest level, but there’s a lot of parts that have to play to their highest level for us to be successful.

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