SiriusXM hosts and guests weigh in on allegations against Bill Cosby

The rape allegations against the man acclaimed for portraying America’s favorite father figure have started a media storm.

Multiple women recently came forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them at different points throughout his entertainment career. Then Janice Dickinson, the reality-TV star and former supermodel, appeared on Entertainment Tonight and alleged that the comedian drugged and raped her in 1982 while she visited him in Lake Tahoe. Similar accusations have been made public by women like Joan Tarshis, Tamara Green and Barbara Bowman. NBC recently pulled the plug on a sitcom that was supposed to star Cosby, and Netflix has followed suit in deciding to postpone the airing of his upcoming comedy special.

Though Cosby himself has not yet commented on the allegations, an extensive dialogue about what they could potentially mean for the accusers and the accused has begun. Entertainment Weekly Radio recently shared a statement submitted by Cosby’s lawyer, Martin Singer:

“Over the last several weeks, decade-old discredited allegations against Mr. Cosby have resurfaced. The fact that they are being repeated does not make them true. Mr. Cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comment. He would like to thank all fans for the outpouring of support,” Singer said.

SiriusXM Progress‘ Ari Rabin-Havt opened up a discussion about victim blaming on The Agenda. Rabin-Havt said he believes these will not be the last women to come forward.

“When you have a public figure as important – culturally – as Bill Cosby, and when you are in an industry like the entertainment industry and … your agent’s lawyer is telling you, ‘You can’t go up against Bill Cosby. You’ll be torn apart. You won’t be credible. You cannot be a witness against Bill Cosby! He’s Cliff Huxtable! He is America’s dad!'” Rabin-Havt said. “And then the suggestion that, ‘Oh, she took a pill, so therefore, it’s not credible. She knew what was happening when she took that pill.’ That is just blaming the victim … Blaming sexual assault on victims is gross, and here’s the thing, we are sure to hear more of it … If these allegations are true, it’s not going to be four women, it will be 20 women.”

Jenny McCarthy was also very outspoken regarding her take on Dickinson’s story, which she believed wholeheartedly.

“You know, as crazy as Janice Dickinson is, I 100 percent believe her,” McCarthy said. “There have been women that were paid off, and I understand Janice’s legal team saying, ‘No. Take it out of your book. He could sue you for every cent you have.’ She looks at her livelihood and says, ‘Sh*t. I have to keep this quiet.’ But now that everybody’s coming out, she’s got backup.”

Comedian Yannis Pappas even went as far as to describe the allegations against Cosby as “poetic justice” on StandUp! with Pete Dominick. Yannis told Dominick that fellow comedian Hannibal Buress has been doing a stand-up bit about “squeaky clean” Cosby being an alleged rapist for months now. A recent performance of Buress’ at the Trocadero in Philadelphia is being attributed to the sudden microscope under which The Cosby Show star is being examined.

“It doesn’t shock me,” Pappas said. “He’s always talking down, making statements about black culture, giving everybody a hard time, and being squeaky clean. I’m always like, ‘What are you hiding? Why you so tidy?’… I think it’s poetic justice that a dirty joke is what’s bringing down Bill Cosby.”

NBC 10 Reporter Harry Hairston also recently weighed in on the allegations on The Black Eagle. Having grown up during The Cosby Show era, Hairston was shocked when the allegations surfaced.

“I grew up on Bill Cosby, so it was hard for me to believe,” Hairston said. “As long as those allegations keep coming out, then you know there’s going to be big news because it’s Bill Cosby.”

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