SiriusXM Editor’s Choice Awards: The shining moments of 2014

From the tell-alls to the fart jokes, 2014 has been jam-packed with legendary SiriusXM moments. A whole lot of loud and proud personalities go in and out of the SiriusXM studio doors on the daily, from Hollywood stud George Clooney to unapologetic songbird Mary Lambert. Choosing our absolute favorite interviews and performances wouldn’t be humanly possible, so instead, we came up with our own categories for some of the best appearances of the year. Enjoy!

Best Dressed – George Clinton

George’s suit n’ tie are wayyy more stylin’ than JT’s.

The Most Feels – Ron White

Ron White told Raw Dog about his first (and last) interaction with the great Robin Williams. Get the tissues ready.

Most Dynamic Duo – Billy Joel and Howard Stern

P!nk. Tony Bennett. Melissa Etheridge. Boyz II Men. Adele Dazeem. Billy Joel and Howard know how to throw a party.

Best Bromance – James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, and Patrick Stewart

Three can’t be a crowd when it comes to this brolationship.

Best On-Air Revenge Plot – George Clooney

You know, as far as on-air revenge plots go …

Cutest Use of Flatulence – Mary Lambert

Why be silent but deadly when you can be loud and proud? Work, girl.

Best Potty Mouth – Andrew Garfield

Holy sh-t, we f-cking love Andrew Garfield!

Best Gender Bend Cover – Sam Smith


Best Giggle Fit – 5 Seconds of Summer

Got the giggles, Luke?

Most Crying Tweens – Ed Sheeran

Can we really blame them?

Best Miley Cyrus Cover Sung with a German Accent – Milky Chance


Best Blessing – Russell Brand

“I ran into a priest and a nun in the corridor! … I was overwhelmed. It was like meetin’ Elvis!”

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