Signorile meets a pansexual rep and other Texas lawmakers

The Texas Legislature is lining up a plethora of anti-gay legislation in preparation for what they think could be a win for marriage equality at the Supreme Court. Michelangelo Signorile is broadcasting his SiriusXM Progress show from Austin, TX, speaking with people on the ground about what’s coming out of the state house and what’s at stake for LGBT Texans.

Openly lesbian Texas State Representative Celia Israel welcomed Signorile into her office while he broadcasts from Austin, TX, and spoke about stopping Rep. Cecil Bell’s anti-gay marriage bill and how hard it was to not take it personally.

Rep. Israel says she’s committed to promote sane policy for LGBT Texans.

Kathy Miller, president with the Texas Freedom Network, spoke about the 23 anti-gay measures that are being debated in Texas. She says that this is a desperate strategy to stop marriage equality in its tracks.

Texas State Rep. Mary Gonzalez spoke about how she not only represents LGBT people, but also women and Latinos, and how the issues she fights for links them all together in the fight for social justice.

Rep. Gonzalez spoke about the misconception that she’s a lesbian and explains what it means to be pansexual, especially in Texas.

Rep. Cecil Bell believes that marriage should be left to the sovereignty of the states.

Signorile presses Rep. Cecil Bell on his argument that Texas should remain sovereign when dealing with the issue of the anticipated marriage decision from the Supreme Court and is challenged about SCOTUS decisions on sodomy and Interracial marriage.

Signorile spoke with openly gay former Texas Legislator Glen Maxey, who wrote a book about the possibility of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry being gay.

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