With the Golden State Warriors-Los Angeles Clippers NBA playoff series shifting back to the Staples Center Tuesday night, the buzz in the hoops world has centered around what the reaction will be in L.A. to Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks that came to light over the weekend.

One questions that has been thrown around on sports blogs and television and radio programs: Should Clippers fans with tickets to Game 5 stay home in a boycott of Sterling? Bleacher Report Radio’s Taylor Zarzour posed that question to NBA writer Howard Beck.

“People have made their investment,” Beck said. “They spent their money on the tickets. If you’re a Clippers fans, you’ve got an emotional investment there. This is the best team they’ve ever had; a team that can go to the Finals. It’s hard to separate these things.”

Beck then alluded to the slippery slope of fans judging teams based on owners.

“If you want to start saying who you should or shouldn’t root for, or what games you should go to based on the ownership, you could go down a very long list of infractions, misdeeds, offensive statements, offensive business practices by a whole lot of owners in every sport,” Beck said. “Now you could set this one aside as being different, and it’s up to each individual person’s decision and their individual conscience. But if you start deciding whether to support teams based on whether or not you think the owner is a good person or an honorable person, you’re gonna start crossing a lot of teams off the list very, very quickly.

“It will be interesting to see how L.A. responds, how fans responds, will there be protests outside, what will fans in the stands do, will there be signs, will those signs be allowed, or will they be confiscated,” Beck continued. “There are rumblings that the Clippers players might have another sort of gesture tomorrow that might be stronger than what they did [Sunday]. We’ll see where that goes. It’s gonna be really interesting just to see how folks respond.”

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Tuesday at 2 pm ET, tune to SiriusXM NBA Radio, channel 217, to hear Adam Silver’s press conference regarding Sterling.

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