Did Johnny Manziel stink it up in his first NFL start last weekend? He certainly did. The rookie completed just 10 of 18 passes for 80 yards, threw two picks, and averaged a measly 2.6 yards per carry on five rushes. His efforts contributed to an embarrassing 30-0 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, one that all but eliminated the Cleveland Browns from playoff contention.

But it was just one start. And it was his first NFL start. Nonetheless, the questions have already started circulating in Cleveland: Is Manziel a bust? Should the team target another new quarterback in 2015?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Bill Livingston called into SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio earlier this week, and he said he does think the Browns need to consider adding a new quarterback in the offseason.

“Sitting here right now off that game, it’s hard to defend that Manziel might be the quarterback of the future,” Livingston said. “We’ll see. If he’s a much more dominant player, or even an effective player the next two games – I don’t want to overreact to one bad game, but I don’t know if they got enough sample size with Manziel, either.”

The team’s early success contributed to what has turned into an ugly situation under center, Livingston told Ric Bucher.

“They kind of got trapped. When you have a chance to win, you have to try to win,” Livingston said. “I think ideally, they might’ve started Hoyer about half the season, and then tried to work Manziel in. They had a good record, and sometimes I thought they were winning in spite of Hoyer. But I can’t really fault that. When you’ve been in the playoffs once since the team returned in 1999 and you have a chance to make the playoffs, you have to try to do it.”

All that Cleveland really learned? Brian Hoyer is definitely not their guy.

“They don’t know what they have in Johnny off one bad game, and they found out reluctantly what they had in Hoyer what they didn’t wanna have. So I guess they do go for a quarterback next year.”

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