There’s no “I” in “team” … but there is in “Sammy Watkins.”

Despite the Buffalo Bills’ solid 3-2 start, the second-year wide receiver is unhappy due to the state of his personal stats. Earlier this week, Watkins spoke out publicly, saying he needs at least 10 targets per game to feel satisfied with the amount of attention he’s getting from his quarterback.

NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe spoke about Watkins’ comments on NFL Radio. Sharpe’s opinion? Watkins needs to be quiet.

“Keep your mouth shut,” said Sharpe. “I want Sammy Watkins to be quiet. Get on the football field and give them a reason to give him 10 targets a game. The mistake that he’s making, because they moved up to select him, he feels that there’s some kind of obligation that the team should give him, because you traded up to get me. Nah, you earn that, bro. Where you got drafted has nothing to do with how many balls I’m gonna throw you. You’re gonna earn it.”

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