Sen. Barbara Boxer talks about chaos in Nevada and channeling her inner toughness

When Sen. Barbara Boxer took to the stage in the midst of a “massively out of control” crowd at the Nevada Democratic Convention, she tried to channel her inner “Art of Tough.” The California Senator had attended the convention at the behest of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and found herself at the center of the heated and sometimes ugly race for the Democratic nomination. The rowdy Bernie Sanders supporters booed Boxer off stage, causing her to forego delivering her planned remarks and to fear for her own safety. During a Leading Ladies event with Julie Mason, Boxer managed to make light of the tense situation saying it’s “unfortunate that it happened after my book went to bed.”

As one of the Senate’s most powerful liberal voices, Boxer has often found herself the target of right-wing attacks. In fact, it was the slew of vicious critics and names that inspired the title for her new memoir, The Art of Tough: Fearlessly Facing Politics and Life. The book chronicles her over three decade long political career and her dedication to fighting for women’s rights.

This year, Boxer is retiring from the Senate, leaving behind a distinguished legacy that began in the House of Representatives. When speaking with Mason, Boxer recalled how Sen. Barbara Mikulski encouraged to run for a Senate seat, telling her “Babs, you’ll get more done as a freshman Senator then you do over there in the House even if you’re a chairman of a subcommittee.”

What’s next for Boxer? Unlike Dick Cheney, don’t expect her to suggest herself as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick. Without being specific on names, Boxer elaborated on the qualifications she plans to look for in selecting a qualified pick for the number two on Clinton’s ticket. No matter who Clinton selects as her running mate, Boxer plans to channel her inner toughness when she hits the campaign trail this election cycle.

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